Home Study Approval

We completed the interview process and then 2 weeks later our worker completed the home walkthrough. It took a week and a half for the agency to complete the Home Study packet. We were so excited to be able to FINALLY inquire on some of the kids we had had our eye on. Specifically we had followed a sibling group of 4 thru our entire process in obtaining certification and they were STILL available.

We received a call to discuss "what" we would be approved for.

1. Children under 5.

2. no more than 2 children


That would make it utterly impossible to find a child uner 5 with no medical needs thru foster care. This made us feel as if our agency wanted us to do a private adoption instead of foster care adoption.

my advice, DON'T SETTLE but listen to the reasons why your worker feels it is not your best interest.

I thought long and hard on the reasons she said we would NOT be approved for 4 kids or ages over 5.

It did not seem fair. We have a 5 bed house. We already have 6 year old and we are familiar with the needs each individual child comes with and we already completed PRIDE training which went into the depth of the trauma foster kids experience.

We felt like the process was everyone against our


For the argument of children under 5. Our worker said it is not smart to adopt out of birth order as it can create un-healthy competition in the home. We had already been thinking of this and we knew if we are to adopt out of order or even in order we would guarantee each child gets "their time to shine" to lead and one-on-one time with us.

We have spoken with our bio regarding what if bro/sis is older than you and you are the baby. Kinsley was very accepting to terms and even though she is only a child, she is a VERY outspoken child.

regarding no more than 2 children, I asked why.. They said that we are too young.

I argyued that age has NO

THING to do with experience. I explained I am 25 but I have more experience than some 50 year olds. My age is what will keep me stable to care for so many children at once.

I have bought 2 houses. I have owned powersports in my name. I have owned multiple different vehicles. I have taught ASL to 5th grade. I have coached multiple years of gymnastics & cheerleading to ages 2-18. I have been a nanny for 2 children 9 & 12 with non-verbal autism. I have such an experienced life, my age makes no difference on my experience. I feel I am well qualified to determine how many children I can care for properly and attentiveley.

Our e-mails lasted about 6 back n forths. Then we got a call from the agency which she said she had reviewed our reponses/emails and spoken to some other colleagues of hers. They agreed ultimately it is my decision and she will approve us for this but to keep in mind and research further on adopting out of birth order and multiple children with trauma.